Apps Help Control the Cravings


Have you ever had a long day and looked in the freezer for ice cream to eat your troubles away? Dr. Edie Goldbacher, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at La Salle University, knows a lot about this. Obesity, emotional eating, and weight management are some of Dr. Golbacher’s areas of expertise.

Dr. Goldbacher studied at The College of New Jersey for her Bachelor’s in Psychology and got her Ph.D in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Temple University’s Center for Obesity Research and Education.

With this background, Dr. Goldbacher focuses on weight and eating related concerns including the problems of obesity in America and how to take care of the issue.

“You can see there’s a pretty significant portion of the United States where the percentage of individuals with obesity is greater than or equal to 30%” said Dr. Goldbacher. “So over the past 2 and a half decades the prevalence rates have increased.”

With obesity becoming more of a concern each year, Dr. Goldbacher looks at what are some of the causes of being overweight.

“Genetics load the gun, the environment pulls the trigger,” said Dr. Goldbacher.

Some people have trouble maintaining a healthy weight because of their genetics, but most of the reason why people become obese is because of the choices they make about eating. Dr. Goldbacher suggests monitoring eating habits and physical activity, which recent Apps have helped with.

“The electronic resources for self monitoring and for monitoring the changes people are making have really grown significantly,” said Dr. Goldbacher.
These healthy Apps are offered for both iPhone and Android users. Obesity is a problem in America and using these Apps could help improve the numbers by making you think twice about eating that ice cream after a long day.


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